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Web Cam Visitations

The Protective Service Agency realizes that there are many times where you would like to visit with your elderly loved ones but are restricted by work, geographic, financial or health limitations. The elderly also may have limitations that makes it difficult or impossible for them to leave their facility. As the elderly progress in age, some become brittle, unstable or even sustain serious life long complications from a fall or even multiple falls, making it impossible for them to participate in transit activities.

As well, facilities have their own policies. Some do not allow instant access should you want to take your elderly loved ones away for a special occasion such as birthdays, holidays or unplanned events at the last minute. One of PSA clients facilities policy is a 72 hour notification in advance of the off site visit and also requires their physician to examine the resident before leaving the facility. In her case, she was denied the off site visit with her family on Christmas eve. Should this be the case, not only are you missing out, but more importantly, the elderly are missing out even more and become depressed and isolated when unable to attend family events or special occasions in cases such as these.

PSA has in depth first hand experience with the elderly who have experienced these very disappointments. Most of PSA services focus on the needs of the family to assure their elderly loved ones are safe and free from abuse. However, PSA State of the Art Web Cam Visitation Program is as focused on the elderly residents emotional health as it is on any other individual.

PSA has seen the devastating affects on the elderly when left alone and unable to interact with the rest of the family on these dear and special occasions. The elderly have told PSA that they feel abandoned , unloved and all alone, especially when confined to their room. In almost every case, deep depression follows.

With PSA Web Cam Visitation Program, a PSA Agent will go to the location of your elderly loved ones as often as the family would like, particularly birthdays, holidays or special occasions, and bring with them all the necessary technical equipment to establish a live feed connection with you any where in the world. Should you not have the technical ability to connect to PSA live feed with your elderly loved ones, PSA technical consultants can work with you and set up all of the necessary equipment in order to connect you from any location you choose into PSA live feed and visit with your elderly loved ones.

PSA Web Cam Visitation Program also offers you the ability to utilize your smart phone to access PSA live feed to your elderly loved ones and visit them right from your phone anywhere in the world. If you like, a PSA Technical Consultant can assist you with instructions on this unique feature of your PSA Web Cam Visitation Program.

Many elderly do not understand nor know how to use modern technology and some elderly just don't want to have to deal with it. PSA understands this well and makes it as simple as possible for your elderly loved ones. It is as easy as sitting in a chair or laying in a bed. PSA takes you to them and brings them to you at the same time, even if you are a world apart.

The Web Cam Visitation Program is not part of PSA Observation Program, rather, it is a value added service dedicated to your elderly loved ones so that they may participate in family activities regardless of their circumstances. PSA Web Cam Visitation Program allows your elderly loved ones to experience the outside world more often than just off site and limited activities, adding health, happiness, hope and a feeling of connectedness to those they love the most, you.

Unfortunately no one lives forever so these web cam visits are priceless. PSA offers its members who participate in the Web Cam Visitation Program, the option of obtaining video copies of your elderly loved ones web cam visitations and experiences to enjoy for a lifetime and that can be shared with future generations to come.

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