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Seminar Schedules

The Protective Service Agency strives to keep our communities updated and abreast on a wide variety of topics, from the difficult, to the beneficial, regarding elderly services, care, resources and abuse prevention.

 Many of the agencies and programs available are both complex and confusing.It is our attempt to streamline the process by which families acquire the information they need in addressing the many issues and concerns they have regarding their elderly parents care and safety.


The Protective Service Agency regularly conducts general seminars for the elderly and their families, but we also offer you the opportunity to choose your own forum and venue.


There are many groups, associations, service providers and companies that may want to offer their members training and or continuing education regarding a specific area or topic pertaining to the elderly.


For example, you may want to address the issue of abuse. The topic might include types of abuse, identifying abuse, how to report abuse, what to expect after reporting abuse and how to manage the activities surrounding the abuse case.


Another example might be choosing a long term care facility for your parents. What type of questions to ask, what type of warning signs to look for, how to check the facilities incident record, and what to take in to consideration when making such a choice.


There are a variety of topics available or you may have a unique topic that you want us to research for your seminar.


The only requirement necessary to hold your own personal seminar is to fill out the seminar registration form.Once completed, one of our seminar coordinators will contact you to answer any additional questions we may have and to schedule your seminar.


We look forward to serving you and thank you for your interest in the Protective Service Agency.

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