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The Protective Service Agency has decades of experience and extensive backgrounds in Paper Based Document Records Management and Electronic Based Records Management. PSA having such a background in all aspects of Record Keeping and associated Laws, has enabled PSA to design a State of the Art Reporting System for its members, providing binding legal power, and evidence of facts files, that enforce the safety, and care, of their elderly loved ones.

PSA State of the Art Reporting System provides a very dynamic Quadrant, of significant importance and facts that allows members and their assigned PSA Agent to operate with maximum effectiveness.

• PSA Reporting System serves as an extremely valuable and reliable resource for families to observe, witness and participate in their elderly loved ones safety and care from anywhere in the world, simply by logging on to your PSA secured, confidential files stored on our server and accessed through the PSA website. (See Members Log In in the menu to the left). It allows families to personally participate with the care of their elderly loved ones through their assigned PSA Agent, who is actually on the premises, with your elderly loved ones, while you and your family conduct normal activities anywhere in the world without actually having to be there in person.

• PSA Reporting System provides your PSA Agent, and Directors of The Protective Service Agency, a panoramic view of the activities and facts surrounding the care and safety of your elderly loved ones. PSA State of the Art Reporting System documents, photographs and if necessary, videos a very extensive and decisive area of measurable danger zones. Once the document of evidence file is created, it establishes a safety net in order to prevent a negative paradigm shift in the standard protocol of care necessary, in order to provide the optimum care and health possible regarding the elderly.

• PSA Reporting System establishes a documented history of care and events in the life of your elderly loved ones. This history is critical when communicating or advocating existing and or future care for your elderly loved ones. Your reports, pictures and if requested, videos, not only provides you the family with accurate information to assist you with your decisions regarding your elderly loved ones best interest, it also assures your assigned Agent communicates with factual evidence, any concerns he/she may have pertaining to the safety and or needs of your elderly loved ones, with the care giver and authorities.


• The most important asset of these reports and documented history is the evidence it provides the authorities in the event of abuse, neglect, exploitation or death. Should such an incident arise, The Protective Service Agency will have already compiled a report in presentation form with documents, pictures and if available, videos, in order to initiate an investigation on your behalf with multiple Government Agencies. By having reports and facts in advance, it assures your case is handled efficiently and expediently. Your personal PSA reports will be the beginning of your case file and as the investigation moves forward, PSA will continue to manage all third party documentation and add it to your files when appropriate. Without documentation, not only is it more difficult to identify and prevent abuse, it is even more difficult to get the authorities to open their own case file. With your PSA documented history files, PSA can hold accountable all those Agencies who have the evidence, and assure they remain active on your case until it is resolved.

The Protective Service Agency reporting system is the most important and valuable service our members receive. There are many benefits that come with membership. However, reporting is the life line that connects you with your elderly loved ones.

Most of our members will not experience abuse, neglect or exploitation. One, not all care givers are abusive, two, our reporting system is designed to prevent abuse. PSA reporting systems main function is to keep you connected, aware, and involved with your elderly loved ones without having to worry or be there every minute of the day.

The PSA Reports are based on your choice in membership plans. You can have a report every day, once a week, once a month or whenever you choose to have your PSA Agent go monitor the care and safety of your elderly loved ones.




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