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The number one cause of abuse amongst the elderly is isolation and or removing their social network, those who see and interact with them on a regular basis. This is why observation and documentation is so critical: it assures your elderly loved ones are never isolated. The biggest difference families have seen with regards to improved care and abuse prevention is regular unannounced visits with their elderly loved ones. (See Reporting in the menu to the left). Although regular visits may be part of your families plan to assure adequate care for your elderly loved ones, it does not assure neglect and abuse will not happen. The statistics, (see Statistics in the menu to the left), show that even with regular family visits, abuse and even death still occur. The more important question is what happens when no family member is present and how can you assure they are receiving the best care possible when no family member is there to motivate such care?

The Protective Service Agency offers its members state of the art observation and electronic documentation programs that entail a patented approach to observation, documentation, and accountability. Through this very detailed and sophisticated approach to monitoring and documenting the elderly care, the program brings together all of those who are responsible for your elderly loved ones on to one team, assuring the safest and most accurate care possible.


As a member of The Protective Service Agency, the first action taken by your PSA Agent, is to visit your elderly loved ones place of residence and place a PSA Certificate of Protection, (see Certificate of Protection in the menu to the left), in the most visible place possible near or next to their bed. This certificate not only informs all who enter the room that your elderly loved ones are under PSA protection, it also deters anyone from conducting any neglectful or abusive activities when no family member is present to prevent such acts.


Remember, abuse can be inflicted by staff, other residents, family members, visitors, as well, other residents’ visitors. Abuse is not limited to time perimeters or position of the person responsible for your elderly loved ones care and safety.


This is the single most important part of Protective Service Agency abuse prevention program. Through patented detailed observation and documentation, your Agent will be looking for predetermined dangers, as well, unexpected ones.


PSA electronic documentation allows your PSA Agent to document your elderly loved ones care directly into your personal secured member files. Your Agent will be observing very specified targets of interest and immediately enter those observations into the specialized electronic forms in your personal secured files via, his/her portable computer, that can only be viewed by you and PSA. If PSA documentation, pictures, and if requested, videos, show hazards or abuse, it gives the family forewarning that they need to find a new place of residence, and should that be the case, it could take some time to locate a new residence which are already in short supply. By having plenty of warning in advance, the family can take the necessary time to find the best residence possible, otherwise without warning, it becomes a time crisis and many families in these circumstances have had to settle on a less desirable residence just so their elderly loved ones could be removed from their current hazardous environment.

While it is important for care givers to know your elderly loved one is being observed along with documentation, and through observation, reduce and or prevent abuse, but more importantly, is through observation and documentation, your PSA Agent is creating a documented history of care, abuses, and a multitude of information that will be presented to the appropriate authorities in the event of abuse or death.

This observation and documentation is critical in assuring an investigation is indeed started if there is evidence of abuse, as well it is physical evidence over a long period of time, which is more substantial in mediation than just your word, especially if it concerns just one incident that you happen to notice, verses observation and documentation providing evidence of multiple infractions over a long period of time.

By documenting and observing a multitude of areas regarding your elderly loved ones care, PSA Agents can identify ongoing and neglected hazards that could cause serious injury or death. This documentation and observation is critical when involving Inspectors, Agencies, or other authorities when attempting to get the care giver reprimanded or removed where hazards or abuse are evident.


It is quite common for care givers to clean up their mess so to speak. If there is a problem and the care giver is aware there will likely be a visit by authorities, then they will most likely correct the problem in order to avoid detection and punishment. The only evidence will be that documentation and observation by your PSA Agent.


It does deter neglect and abuse when a PSA Agent is present on a regular basis, documents and observes your elderly loved ones, however, just as important, PSA documentation and observation allows you and your family the freedom to continue living your life without the constant fear and worry of your elderly loved ones.

PSA document and observation program allows you and your family to not only go about your normal activities, but more importantly, it allows you to do so without having to be present with your elderly loved ones on a regular basis in order to ease your worries. You simply log on to your PSA member files and all the information, pictures, and if requested, videos that are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This is a freedom few elderly care takers and family members ever get to experience.

PSA has had many families share their stories with us. One story we hear over and over again, is that just when they were retiring to enjoy a life of hard work, they are now faced with the care and responsibility of their elderly loved ones. With the elderly living much longer lives, many of the people sharing their stories are in their 70's and have the full time job of caring for their 99 year old mother or the like. The care of an elderly loved one is not a few weeks or months, it usually requires years of obligation and responsibility.

PSA observation and documentation program provides every family with elderly loved ones, peace and freedom that has never been available to elderly care givers any where before. As a PSA member, you decide what, when, how, and where you want your PSA Agent to show up, observe and document your elderly loved ones care for your convenience and review simply by logging on to your secured and confidential files on PSA website.

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