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Family Care

PSA not only addresses concerns of family members living away from home, but we also address concerns where there is an elderly family member in someone else's home.

There are many cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation of elderly living in family members or caregiver’s homes verses an elderly facility. The number of these abuse cases is around 14%, and does not include all of the unreported cases.

A family member or caregiver has the same obligations to prevent abuse as does the elderly resident facilities. The same laws apply regardless of who is caring for the elderly.

Many of the cases involve a family caregiver keeping the elderly member secluded from others in the family and denying those family members access to financial records as well as the records of their care and health.

In other words, the caregiver eliminates the elderly person’s social network to prevent any abuse, neglect or exploitation from being identified.

Under the "ELDERLY ABUSE, NEGLECT AND EXPLOITATION ACT", the legal guardian can request all records, financial and medical, from those who are responsible for caring for their elderly family member, and the caregiver must comply and provide all the records requested for.

If there is a case where the legal guardian is the caregiver and no one else in the family can get access to the elderly member or their records, PSA will work with the appropriate authorities to start an investigation and begin the process of assuring your elderly family member is safe.

Through initiating the investigation, not only will you have copies of the reports from those authorities, but you will also have copies of PSA reports in your personal PSA file.

PSA is not obligated to any agency, rather PSA works independently of those agencies which allow us to monitor the investigation and assure your case file is not lost, and more importantly, assure it stays active.

This is part of the PSA reporting system you receive. Not only do we report on your elderly family member, but we also keep you updated on the results of those agencies conducting the investigation.    

Once this process starts, it is a full time job just to keep up with the day to day results which in turn adds more stress to an already stressful situation.

If you are not sure what to do regarding a family member, call and a PSA Agent will sit down and go over your concerns with you. Once PSA determines a course of action, we will develop a program to address your specific needs.

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