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Facilities with Seal of Approval

Not only do we work with families and residents, we also work with staff and facilities. The Protective Service Agency believes that the best way to help assure the well being and safety of our elderly is through partnerships.


There are many factors involved when it comes to the care and safety of our elderly. It is not one person’s responsibility to care for an elderly person, rather it requires a multitude of people from many different backgrounds and services in order to provide the quality of care the elderly deserve and are entitled to.


One of the most important partners in the care of our elderly are the facilities in which they live and the dedicated people who work there.  Not all people are malicious nor are all facilities dangerous. 


This why The Protective Service Agency offers a Seal of Approval for the facilities our clients reside in.


With our patented reporting system, photographs and documentation, we are in a position to rate the quality of care and safety provided by the facilities over a long period of time. 


We know inspections by the state are thorough but those inspections are not as frequent as The Protective Service Agency, nor do they entail the broad spectrum and detail that our reports provide. They are two entirely different protocols.


The Protective Service Agency's objective is to establish strong, trusting and binding relationships with all the facilities we visit. We are not here to prosecute nor do we prosecute, we simply observe the surroundings of our clients to try and prevent injury or hazard before it happens. We report to the families of the resident how their parents or loved ones are doing when they themselves are unavailable to visit or check in.


In order to be of value to the facilities as well, we offer a Seal of Approval Certificate for the facility once enough time has been invested by The Protective Service Agency to document the quality and safety of care, thus creating a long term pattern verses an event or specific time period.


There is no charge, rather we consider it a public service and we will also list the facility on our website with our Seal of Approval for future potential residents to view. 


It is up to each individual facility whether they choose to participate publicly and display their Certificate.  However, it is to their advantage and regardless, we will provide that information on our website as a public service for those seeking elderly care for their family member(s).


If you would like to know more about this program, feel free to contact us at any time and a Protective Service Agent will be glad to meet with you to see how we may be of service to your facility.



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