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The Protective Service Agency will schedule an appointment with you to sit down and discuss the concerns, issues and needs you have regarding your elderly loved ones. There are no fees or contracts required, your initial consultation will be compliments of The Protective Service Agency. (See Request for a PSA Agent to Contact You in the menu to the left).

First, PSA will need to determine the type of living environment in which the elderly you are concerned, lives. There is self care, domestic care, assisted care and rest home care. Depending on the circumstances, power of attorney and other factors regarding the elderly care, PSA will design a safety program to address those specific circumstances and or challenges you are facing, assuring all concerns have been addressed fully while we are with you.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with a PSA Agent, we will cover a wide spectrum of services that will be available to you when you become a PSA Member. Membership not required. (See Menu to the left).

We will discuss and demonstrate with you how to view and utilize your personal, confidential and secure, electronic files, through PSA state of the art reporting system. (see Reporting in the menu to the left) PSA will determine what information is necessary based on your request, such as special instructions, disabilities, medications diet, special needs, etc, and design the necessary electronic forms for monitoring and tracking those most critical aspects of care for your elderly loved ones optimum health and safety.

Your PSA Agent will determine with you the frequency of visits you would like him/her to perform. Each visit entailing multiple reports, pictures, and if necessary , videos, and an Agent visitation summary in order to provide you with an overview detailing the most recent visit of your elderly loved ones condition and care, should you not have time to review all of the reports taken during each visit.

Once we know the frequency of visits, type of visits and expectations, PSA will provide you with the different plan options available. PSA has different plans based on an optional number of visits, distance and urgency.



After choosing your plan option, your PSA Agent will help you get registered online, if you have not already done so, and you will be issued a member number after the PSA Administration Team has approved your application and notified you of your approval through your preferred e-mail.


Your Agent will provide instructions as to how to log in and access your personal secured files with the details of your elderly loved ones 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, your PSA Agent will go over in explicit detail, the process needed in the event your elderly loved one has sustained neglect, abuse or exploitation.


Should there be abuse, the process that follows is very complicated, stressful and can require years of attention in order to assure the case is processed appropriately and those responsible are held accountable. Abuse can be as much to blame on a neglectful Agency, Advocacy Group, Hospital or Private Institution as it can be on an individual or facility.

Your PSA Agent will remove this burden and stress from you by submitting all of the appropriate documentation, managing the investigation, following up with each Agency and individual involved and assure your case is opened and completed.


All you have to do is review your summary notes of the case and you will be kept updated without having to involve yourself or family in the daily activities surrounding the investigation. Your Agent will make sure all your questions are satisfied during your complimentary consultation.


There is no commitment required or fees due simply because you are receiving a consultation. The consultation is more to help prepare you and your family for the many challenges you face as a care giver of the elderly and to share with you the many options and services The Protective Service Agency provides its members in order to relieve you of, and prevent insurmountable stress associated with elderly care and the years of observation and visitations required to keep check on your elderly loved ones. (See Observation and Reporting in the menu to the left).


It may be that you choose to utilize PSA Protective Service Agency Programs to monitor, document, track and care for your elderly loved ones, or you may choose to go it alone. Regardless of the path you take in assuring your elderly are safe, the information gained through a PSA Consultation is priceless and at no cost to you.


The single largest benefit should you choose to go it alone, are the vast elderly resources available to you through PSA elderly resource database, which does not require membership, in order to research the many needs and answers to your questions regarding safely caring for your elderly. (See Elderly Resources and Database of Resources on Aging in the menu to the left).


During your complimentary consultation, should you choose self care, the PSA Agent will train you on getting the most out of the available resources and share with you how to link in to one of the largest elderly resources available. The resources are nationwide and cover all aspects of elder care, safety and services.

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