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Certificate of Protection

The most critical period of time regarding safety of the elderly residents is when no one is around, particularly holidays, weekends and night time. At night there may be as many as 30 residents to one staff member.

In order to have the highest level of impact regarding protection, prevention and assurance of safety, the Protective Service Agency provides each client/resident with a CERTIFICATE of PROTECTION to hang on the wall in the most visible area possible.

The PROTECTIVE SERVICE AGENCY CERTIFICATE is the best representation possible not only during these critical time periods, but 24 hours a day it is a reminder to those responsible for the care and safety of your loved ones, and creates an urgency of care by the staff of the facility. In other words it is physical evidence of accountability.

This certificate serves two purposes, one, it holds the staff personally accountable for their every action, two, it is a deterrent for anyone visiting or entering the room, making them think twice before taking any action that may cause harm to your loved one.
The certificate is particularly effective for visitors of other residents and residents as well that may enter the room.

Exploitation is the number one reported abuse of the elderly in America. Your loved one may not always be present in their room, such as dining, facility activities, doctor appointments or a multitude of other reasons that they would be away from their room and possessions. This certificate is of paramount importance in protecting their room and valuables when they are away.





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