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About the Elderly Defense Fund


The PROTECTIVE SERVICE AGENCY established the Elderly Defense Fund to support the cost associated with representing elderly abuse cases where there are no family members or money to establish a case file and bring to justice those responsible for, neglect, abuse or exploitation regarding poverty stricken and isolated elderly residents.


Through the Elderly Defense Fund, your donations will cover the cost of services required to represent, document, track and bring to justice those persons responsible for breaking the laws of the, ELDERLY ABUSE, NEGLECT and EXPLOITATION ACT.


Each abuse case, particularly when involving other Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies and Congress, requires an incredible amount of time for, documentation, reporting, follow up, photographs and mediation.


With isolated elderly residents without family or resources, it is much more difficult to represent their case as they are the only one who PSA can communicate with and often times the victim may not be able to communicate at all. In that case, evidence is much more difficult to acquire and requires many more hours of onsite support and observation.


PSA not only observes our clients, but all residents as well in order to try and eliminate abuse all together. The number one reason for abuse is lack of socialization. This is why the most critical task for PSA Agents is on site visits. Personal observation on site is the only method that will assure abuse is identified, documented, photographed and tracked from the point of recognizing the abuse through to the point of prosecution.


In 1996 there were over 500,000 cases of abuse reported and that does not include the cases not reported. The most unreported abuse is the rape of elderly women and it is the most difficult to document. In 2007, North Carolina reported 1,800 deaths of elderly residents due to neglect in fall related incidents. One in three elderly Americans will become residents of these facilities and the average number of falls is 2.6 per person per year. The statistics of abuse are staggering and do not include all of the unreported cases.


Unfortunately PSA can only represent our clients. This is why your donations are of paramount importance. Your donations allow PSA to expand dramatically the number of elderly residents we can represent. Your donations help turn unrepresented cases of abuse into clients fully protected under the ELDERLY ABUSE, NEGLECT and EXPLOITATION ACT.


All elderly residents are covered under this law. Unfortunately there are not enough people or funding to enforce this law and with 83,000,000 million elderly Americans going into the over whelmed system with millions of elderly Americans already in it, the number of cases are becoming epic. The primary enforcer of this law is the Department of Social Services. With budget cuts and staffing shortages, enforcement of this law for every case by DSS is impossible.


This is where your donations and PSA make the difference. We enforce this vital law by bringing together many agencies and authorities through relentless follow up and providing documented proof of the abuse. This expedites the process for DSS as well as other agencies to prevent further abuse by allowing immediate prosecution.  


PSA thanks you for your donations and will assure the most efficient process possible to help alleviate the abuse and suffering of our parents and grandparents living in these facilities.


You may make a onetime donation or establish a monthly contribution to the ELDERLY DEFENSE FUND.


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