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About Protective Service Agency

About Protective Service Agency (2)

If a member of your family, or a friend, is in an assisted living facility, and you need to have their care verified, implemented, as well as documented, but lack the time to do so, contact the Protective Service Agency and we will have one of our Agents provide personal visits as often as required to assure continued health and safety.


PSA will have an agent sit down and verify your needs and concerns regarding the safety and well being of the resident you are inquiring about.

Each of our safety programs are tailored to each individual need. PSA works diligently to protect the elderly Americans that are healthy in order to maintain that stability, and more importantly, we work with those who have medical needs.

The Protective Service Agency was established in 2011 with its primary focus on protecting Americas millions of elderly citizens that reside in assisted living facilities.

The chances of an elderly American entering into an assisted living facility are 1 out of every 3. Every year 1,800 elderly Americans die in assisted living facilities due to falls.  The average number of falls per elderly American is 2.6 falls per person per year with many falls going unreported, and 10% to 20% of falls causing serious injuries and 2% to 6% of those falls causing fractures.

With our Elderly Americans track record in quality long term care, it is apparent by the statistics that we are failing our elderly in large numbers. With little current help and budget cuts, there is not enough funding or people to care for our ever rising elderly population. There are nearly 100 million elderly Americans either retiring or soon to retire over the next several years. The Protective Service Agency was established to assist families with the care and observation of their loves ones living away from home and in the care of a provider, and to assure the provider follows guidelines for the safest care possible.

Although there are scores of governmental agencies set up to assist and help with our elderly family members, the system has become broken and the elderly are suffering greatly, due to lack of focus on their rights and the epic budget cuts taking place today. Budget cuts not only effect the Government, but they greatly impact the providers of our elderly care services as well.

PSA will work with other Agencies when required to do so in order to protect the livelihood of our family and loved ones. Whenever there are unfortunate circumstances and actions are necessary, there are number of steps that have to be taken and documented in order to get other governmental agencies involved and the investigation completed without getting lost in bureaucracy with no real results.

The Protective Service Agency has represented cases where there were thousands of documents, hundreds of photographs, hours of video all for one case, involving one child, with special needs, and he was still left vulnerable, and alone by these very agencies, who swore to protect him. With years of work, countless Senators and Congressmen, and thirty two different governmental agencies later, we finally succeeded in getting action in order to save another life otherwise left unknown to the world. It was through relentless work in holding those accountable, responsible, until acceptable changes were granted, that made the difference.

PSA Agents are highly trained in the field through Congressional meetings, provider regulations, governmental agency requirements, and one on one training from the individual client on their specific needs, and all that complies with State and Local Laws. PSA Agents take the issues up with the appropriate authorities to assure all laws are upheld to the fullest extent possible and find that often times it requires multiple Agencies working together, toward one common concern, in order to attain full safety.

Our PSA Agents success is determined by the well being and safety of their clients.

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