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About Protective Service Agency

About Protective Service Agency

As a member of The Protective Service Agency, you will be able to go anywhere in the world, anytime you like, and still have access to your elderly loved one anytime. A PSA Agent will sit down with you and design a personal Protection Program based on your specific needs and concerns. Once you have become a registered member, you will be able to access your personal and confidential file which contains the latest reports, pictures and if needed videos on your elderly loved one. (See Log In and Reporting in the menu to the left).

Many elderly care givers still have jobs, travel abroad, have geographic limitations and their own families to manage and or may have their very own health issues. This makes it very stressful to try and fit in another full time job in caring for your elderly loved one. This is where The Protective Service Agency is the most valuable to you. We will take on the task of assuring your elderly loved one is safe and you will be able to monitor them through your personal and confidential files. These are not just ordinary files, rather state of the art and sophisticated, yet as simple as a click from your computer. You will see reports on all of the things that concern you most, such as safety, hygiene, adequate supplies, nutrition, facility, and so on, also included will be pictures of your elderly loved one so you can see for yourself any progression or regression in their care. If required, PSA will add video to your file so you can actually see circumstances in motion.

Even with an abuse prevention plan in place, there may still be rare cases of abuse. If abuse should occur, then you will be faced with figuring out who to call and how to eliminate the abuse. This will require knowing what Agencies and Authorities to contact.

If you have had to call on these Agencies, Insurance Companies, Advocacy Groups or Private Institutions, then you know firsthand the difficulty in making progress if any. Not only is it stressful, but you soon find yourself overwhelmed in Bureaucracy and taking on another full time job just to deal with the many Agencies. This continues day after day while you await a solution that never comes. It is endless mayhem.

The Protective Service Agency has been dealing with these Agencies for years and find one common denominator with all of them, stall and denial tactics, which can actually go on for years. PSA has in one case worked with over 32 different Government Agencies, Advocacy Groups, Senators, Congressman, Law Enforcement and Private Institutions. This was no ordinary case, our client was being starved, had no hot water, no soap, no linens, was sleeping in his own feces for weeks, had dangerous electrical wiring hanging out of the walls and had sustained multiple injuries to the bone and about the body.

You would think in such circumstances that these Agencies, especially the Congressman and Senators would have acted immediately. Quite the contrary, each Agency would say it was not within their perimeters and refer us to another Agency, most often in person. When this happens, you have to start your case all over again by going through the very emotional, and by now, angry testimony, as well, resubmit all the evidence, and this may be required dozens of times and is very costly and extremely time consuming, if you should have any evidence at all. The Congressman and Senators would refer to another district and never returned a call themselves, even though we hand delivered the case file and graphic photographs of the environment and injuries.

As a member of Protective Service Agency, you will never have to experience this type of emotional abuse because PSA will have already documented all the evidence, submit the evidence, initiate the investigation and work with these Agencies on your behalf until your case is resolved, keeping you informed in person or through your personal and confidential case file simply by logging in and reviewing the latest updates and progress.

The Protective Service Agency is a private Agency providing one of the single largest elderly resource databases available anywhere, all through a single link. (See Elderly Resources & Elder Database in the menu to the left).

If you have concerns, questions or are preparing for the responsibility of caring for the elderly, The Protective Service Agency resources provide most, if not, all of the answers to your questions regarding the elderly. (See Public Services in the menu to the left).

We understand that not everyone will need to use The Protective Service Agency's programs and services. However, we wanted to make available all possible options to those who are fighting this epic battle on their own because you certainly don't have to go it alone. (See Resources in the menu to the left).

The Protective Service Agency not only has extensive experience in Document Management and Document Technology, PSA also has decades of experience advocating for those who are unable to care for themselves. Many times these people, by no fault of their own, find themselves in the care of a family member, facility, group home, foster home or some other type of care giver.

Most all of our cases where the dependent elderly or adult was dependent on a care giver, at least one family member if not more, made regular visits to check on and assist their loved one on a regular basis. Even with regular visits and advocating their safety and care, abuse, neglect and other harmful circumstances continued and in some cases resulted in death.

This is where The Protective Service Agency can make a difference. With our Certificate of Protection and State of the Art reporting System in place, it makes it very difficult for abuse or neglect to take place or continue. These programs (see PSA Programs in the menu to the left). hold accountable those who are responsible for the caring and safety of your elderly loved one. With PSA Agents visiting on a regular basis, following a patented Reporting Program, (see Reporting in the menu to the left), it keeps the care giver alert at all times of your predetermined areas of concern and informs the care giver of the consequences of committing any crimes , (Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation) against the elderly.

Protective Service Agency's primary goal is to assist families with monitoring their elderly loved ones when you yourself are unavailable to visit, monitor or intervene regarding their care and safety. As a third party, Protective Service Agency, particularly when the elderly are participating in Protective Service Agency's Protection Program, makes care givers more accountable than when there is just a family member(s).

Not only is Protective Serve Agency a powerful presence and deterrent, but PSA also has partnerships with all the Agencies and Regulators who enforce the “ELDERLY ABUSE, NEGLECT, & EXPLOITATION ACT”. If a PSA Agent identifies any neglect or abuse, we immediately call the appropriate authorities, prepare all the previously acquired documentation, photographs, videos, and start mediation on your elderly loved ones behalf. Most importantly, PSA makes sure the danger is removed or the elderly placed in a safe environment. The more critical task is getting a case file opened and assuring that it is being worked to resolve the problem. PSA will manage the case file for you, which is available to you in your personal and confidential files, and assure it stays open until completion and your elderly loved one is safe.

Much of the information above pertaining to abuse and its challenges can be verified through the Public Services menu to the left. See Resources, Links and Statistics.

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